Analysis of Restrict Features in Cyberbullying Prevention on Instagram

Riska Fedelia, Nuriyati Samatan


Cyberbullying is an aggressive and dishonorable challenge, by giving malicious criticism that is not approved by the victim's feelings through digital media, and overcoming frustration or depression (Nansel et al., 2001; Olweus, 1993a). Seeing the existence of cyberbullying problems on Instagram that is enlarged, and taking many victims, the party released a feature with the aim of an anti-bullying action to prevent or replace cyberbullying actions. This feature is called Limit. Researchers research cyberbullying on Instagram and analyze the Limit feature, whether this feature provides an effect or not in dealing with cyberbullying. The theory used in this research is cognitive dissonance theory and new media theory with qualitative methods. Data is collected by interview. Subjects in this study were victims of cyberbullying on Instagram. The results showed that victims of cyberbullying, using restrictions to approve the oppressors, so that the comments sent were not seen by others and victims, issued by the oppressor himself. Victims do not want to see live comments, so they are not accepted or bounced down because of direct comments or messages sent. It can be concluded that the Restrictions feature is effective or beneficial and has an effect on cyberbullying coverage on Instagram


Social media, Instagram, Feature Restrict, Cyberbullying.

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